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All athletic competitors are required to have a current and valid World Physique Alliance Amateur or Pro Membership to register and compete in any WPA-sanctioned bodybuilding competition. Read over all of WPA Division Guidelines for each Class and Division.

WPA memberships and events are open to participants from any state and any country worldwide, and be at least 16 years old (under 18 must have written parental consent), and are subject to both “in-contest” and “out-of-contest” drug testing.

At WPA We Believe once a pro, always a pro!

Our professional athletes are not required to compete or pay membership dues every year for fear of losing their Pro status. You have earned that prestigious title and we encourage you to only compete when you’re wanting and ready.

WPA all-natural bodybuilding competitions with pro and amateur memberships

Amateur Membership

1-Year $100(USD)

Pro Membership

1-Year $100(USD)

That’s right, the price is the same! At WPA we don’t feel a Pro should pay more for membership dues.

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