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Protein Balls

These protein balls are a great snack to help you get the feeling you are on a diet at all!


You’ll need:


¼ cup protein powder

¼ cup milled flax seed

2 cups peanut butter

2 tablespoons of honey


Any extra nuts, fruits or healthy bits and pieces you like.


>> First, mix all ingredients together into one big ball of goodness making sure it is mixed evenly.

>> Second, break the mixture off into smaller bits and roll into balls. You can roll them in coconut if you wish;

>> Finally, refrigerate for an hour or so and keep them cool.


With all of the above 3 recipes – the basics are there but you can switch out a lot of the ingredients for others, and you can also add in extras to make them more tasty.


Here are some suggestions to add to the above snacks to make them a bit more exciting and to get some extra nutrients:

          > Dried apples

          > Dried apricots

          > Raisins

          > Dark chocolate

          > Cinnamon

          > Honey

          > Coffee – this is really good

          > Coconut oil or cream

          > Stevia

          > Eggs

          > Flavored or unflavored protein powder