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The WPA was founded to bring unity to a fragmenting industry by working hand-in-hand with existing organizations where applicable and possible, and fostering a greater sense of community across the board through sporting events, charitable activity and community outreach

Kids Fitness Challenge


There is not requirement to obtain a WPA membership for Kids Fitness at this time. One parent is allowed general admission and backstage access wth their child.



WPA Kids divisions are based on age.


Boys/Girls: Ages 5yrs, 6-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs




WPA Kids Fitness Challenge division consists of Fitness Exercises and Fitness Routines.












Round 1 – Fitness Exercises: Competitors will perform these exercises completing as many reps as they can within 60 seconds. For Planks, the hold time will be for 2 minutes:

                      Jumping Jacks

                      Pushup Ups

                      Squats (Bodyweight)

                      Planks (Hold Time 2 minutes)

Attire should be workout attire such as shorts, t-shirt, tank top or exercise pants.


Round 2 – Fitness Routine: Competitors will perform a fitness routine of their choice. The routine must be fitness related and clothing must be age appropriate. Examples are bodybuilding, dance, martial arts, workout routine) Props and costumes may be used. Music supplied by the competitor should be tasteful with no profanity.



Judging is based on the amount of reps completed in the Fitness Exercise Round and the Fitness Routine Round.

The fitness round is 60% of the score. The fitness routine is 40% of the score.