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The WPA was founded to bring unity to a fragmenting industry by working hand-in-hand with existing organizations where applicable and possible, and fostering a greater sense of community across the board through sporting events, charitable activity and community outreach

Yolanda’s Response to Interview Questions

Q: Who is Yolanda Scott and who is Rogue?


A: I hear people asking this amongst themselves but not to me directly. It seems easy to answer until they ask you personally to answer it! So who am I? Well, I would have to say that I am the everyday entrepreneur and business women who is a devoted daughter, sister and friend. I aspire to one day be a mother and wife like most other women. However, I often feel that I am and have been in the past faced with everyday challenges that prevented me from living an everyday life and forced me to be a fighter and ultimately a survivor. 


Honestly, I would have to say that what makes my walk through life a little harder is at times people seem to judge me not on what I do, but on how I look and act as it may be considered different than the norm. You see, I was born and raised in Seville, Spain and moved to the states roughly at the age 13, but you best believe, my mother brought Spain with us!! So even though I spent my younger years in the Quebec Terrace Apartments in Silver Spring, MD, which wasn’t the nicest place to grow up, for all intents and purposes I was still living in Spain. That was very different to the kids around me and they made me pay for it. This silver streak in my hair that I’m known for….well as much as people would like to believe that it’s my birthmark, it is not and it caused me so much pain and trauma growing up. My silver streak came at the age 7 out of nowhere and it just added to my drama, because what kid goes gray at age 7! You know how mean kids can be!


But here is where my life got really “interesting” and helped define Yolanda, the survivor. To be blunt, my younger brother and I, like many others, witnessed a lot of abuse in our home growing up. My father is retired Air Force Veteran who abused his wife, my mother and his two kids. When I got fed up, I moved out of my parent’s house and in with my grandmother, but eventually she kicked me out of her house…. At first hearing that, most assume it was because I was a rebellious girl running wild. But that was far from the case, it was because of additional abuse I faced there. I was sexually abused by my uncle, and when I finally told her about it, she didn’t believe me and kicked me out for being a “troublemaker”.

So I left one abusive situation to go to another which literally left me homeless, lost, and lonely. My emotional state started to become evident in the way that I dealt with people and problems. I was constantly running away from everyone, and the only place that I found solace was in a dark lonely dungeon of weights that we call a gym. I would go so early in the morning when I knew no one was there. That way I could deal with my inner-demons alone and find my inner strength to overcome the pain I carried around in my everyday life, and before I knew it, Rogue was born!


Now Rogue….. She’s a whole other animal!! She scares me sometimes!! Rogue is Yolanda’s alter ego. She is her inner-superhero and possesses will power to succeed regardless of what situation or what person tries to stop her. She is rebellious against anyone who tells her she can’t, yet she is a life saver. Rogue is a leader who walks to the beat of her own drum. She is a fighter who won’t quit. When Yolanda is faced with challenges in and out of the gym, she calls on Rogue since she never quits. You ever see that commercial for the energizer bunny. She keeps going and going and going!! That’s Rogue!! She faces challenges head on and maintains the mindset that she will not be defeated.


Yolanda and Rogue work together, to motivate, inspire and conquer. They need each other to do what the other won’t. We all need to tap into our inner selves and learn to unleash the power we harness deep inside.

Q: Tell us about BodyEffx and how you got started in the fitness industry.


A: My personal fitness career started after college, when I was exercising and lifting weights, but realized I was not achieving the lean athletic results I desired. Additionally, I was treating cardiac patients younger than me and it opened my eyes to the detrimental effects of the lack of exercise and poor eating. This prompted me to not only hire a Personal Physique trainer, who is now my mentor, but also to help and become an example for others. 


That non-stop journey birthed Team Bodyeffx, a group of everyday people that I train under my philosophy of “what effects the mind, affects the body”. I am constantly being told by my clients that I have the ability to pull the greatness out of the “average” person. Now when I say “average”, I don’t mean that in a condescending way. I mean “average” in that they just haven’t realized the strength within themselves. Somehow I help them bring it to the surface and use it in the gym, which helps them channel that into their everyday lives. It’s amazing to see the transformation. They smile a bit more, or walk a bit taller and speak a little louder. Their confidence radiates more and more every day! So when I get a little tired, the testimonies like those from Team Bodyeffx are what keep me going. Through my team I get to transform lives while transforming bodies.


Q: What are your personal and professional goals?


A: I feel like I’m always growing and always evolving so my personal goals are always evolving. My lifestyle is complicated and not for the faint of heart, so much so that my personal focus is to stay grounded, stay humble and walk by faith. Professionally, my goals are to help women become mentally and physically strong…in that order! I love helping people and getting them to see there is a bright side to every situation. I know that for certain because I have lived through and survived the darkest of dark situations. Life is going to happen no matter what, but becoming passionate about strength training can change you physically and mentally without you even realizing it. I have persevered through so much and have learned this first hand. Putting in time to help others reach their full potential, transform their body and their mind has saved my clients and me at the same time. That’s the impact on people’s lives that I want to continue to make. 

Q: You are a professional fitness competitor as well. Do you have any upcoming competitions and where will they be held?


A:  Now we are talking!! This is where I shine and what I live for! I am training hard now for the OCB show on April 11, 2015 in Bowie MD, and possibly a second show on May 16, 2015 in Burlington, NJ. 




Q: Do you have any tips for those looking to get into the fitness industry?


A:  You won’t get a sexy or witty round about answer from me – I will just give it to you straight, the Rogue way! 


1. Move beyond passion and set realistic goals.

You’re going to need passion big time in order to get started, but passion is just a prerequisite, a starting point; passion alone won’t pay the bills of looking to do fitness fulltime. I wish this weren’t the truth, but it is, and it’s something that I often wish someone had told me when I was getting started in this industry. Just setting the hours can be long and the pay won’t be great initially, so it’s very easy to get burnt out before you make any significant progress. That said; look at your schedule, set specific hours to train clients and set aside specific hours to do paperwork, marketing and follow-up with clients. The work you do outside the gym is just as important as what you do for your clients in the gym.


2. Step Up Your Knowledge Game

One of the most important life lessons that you’ll ever learn is from a silly movie called Napoleon Dynamite….. Skills pay the bills. If you have them, the world is your oyster, but if you don’t (or at least work towards getting them) you’ll become easier to replace as time marches forward. Luckily for you though, you have one fact working in your favor: The internet is awesome!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Whatever you do, PLEASE never stop investing in yourself. Read, research journals and blogs, purchase educational products, go to conferences and whatever else you have to do to step your knowledge game up. If you’re just keeping up then you’re actually falling behind everyone else. So step your game up and do your homework :)



Q: How can our readers reach out to you?


A:  Yolanda Scott can be reached via email bodyeffx@gmail.com or on social media at: 

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If you are interested in taking your health to the next level you NEED to contact BodyEffx of course :) at the above website and social media sites.