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How to Live a Healthy and Balanced Life Without Compromises

Modern humans face all kinds of problems when trying to live a balanced life. As with anything, when you set a goal or a direction, things start to get difficult. But the most successful people strive at organizing and prioritizing daily tasks. As we get older we tend to get more issues to deal with, we get married and have kids and suddenly time seems to be getting away from us. What can be done to turn this around? 


Who are you? Who do you want to be?

We`ve been told that we can live a happy life, have a successful career and be surrounded by a great loving family. The truth is there are very few cases in which people manage to develop high standards at work and at home with the kids. You will priorities what is most important to you. If you are career oriented you will take those long hours at work.


If you are family oriented you will rush home from work to be with your partner and kids. The truth is we can rarely see a top career person with plenty of time for the family. Make sure you are true and honest with yourself before deciding on how to balance your life. 



Health should be a top priority

So many people say they would love to join a gym, go for a run or cycle but don`t have the time to do it. However, health is one of those things that we cannot compromise and having the recommended 30-45 minutes of physical activity will keep us in better shape, with a better immune system and mentally happier which is better for everyone around us.


Playing any sport or joining a gym will lead to healthier food options as our body will need to recover and thus we can start a wave of positive changes just by taking up some sort of daily activity. 


Work should make us organized

Having a healthy work life is essential to the modern societies. Not only should we try and provide real value in our jobs but it should make us more organized and more accountable. Going back to the first point on who we want to be, we need to be true to ourselves and choose jobs that we like. At the end of the day, what we do is more important than how much we earn.


Some people fight this idea for decades and live unhappy lives. They get frustrated and they frustrate people around them. We spend a lot of time at our jobs and that time affects the way we think and our emotions. Are you willing to compromise your happiness for some extra monthly income? What will that extra income bring? What are the long-term risks of working in a job you hate? All these questions need sincere answers for a well-balanced life. 


Relationships can make or break us

Arguably the most difficult to balance in life is the relationship with our significant other. As the time goes by, the relationship can change. This change is not always good, with divorce rates higher than ever. At the end of the day we need to establish if we want to put in the work to make things balanced. Are we listening to our partner`s needs? Is our partner listening to our needs? We have to find answers to these questions and work on the relationship every single day.


The good part is that if done right, this can be a catalyst for all other areas in our lives. We can schedule sporting activities with our partners or families. Couples can go to the gym together and experience the challenge of setting a goal and trying to achieve it. This can be easier said than done, but if both partners` values are aligned and if they both prioritize health, things can only get easier. A study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine showed that training with a partner significantly increases the fitness results.


Letting people know what your boundaries are

Sometimes we can go with the wave and start losing ourselves in our daily lives. Staying late at work is fine from time to time, but we need to let our bosses know that our priority shifts after 5PM. We need to make sure people understand our values and don`t take advantage of us.


Too many workers are unhappy because they don`t want to defend their point of view. This goes the same for our relationships. We need to be empathetic and support our partner no matter what, but when it comes at a great cost for us we need to let them know. Boundaries are important for parents also. Children will always ask for the newest gadget on the market, for the newest games or adventures. But what value does a child see in something that is given on a plate? Boundaries are essential to our own well-being and balanced living.


Thinking of greater things

Sometimes we can dwell on our own lives and problems. From time to time it is best to think of the bigger picture, of those struggling to get by and to those in suffering. We need to think of the group we are part of, our families and our friends and how we could benefit them in any form. Sure, time is not always on our side, but sometimes even encouraging someone and seeing them happier can make us happier.


Look at the gym for example and see old gym-goers taking their time to explain newcomers how to use the machines and train with proper form. This sort of giving back is what makes our lives richer. And although we cannot excel at all the aspects in our lives at the same time we can vastly improve the overall balance by prioritizing health, organizing our careers and putting an extra effort into our relationships.